Visas and Travel Permits
  • 30-day visa-free privileges are afforded to citizens of more than 30 countries. Please visit Regulation of Visa-Exempt Entry and Landing Visas for Foreigners.
  • For PRC passport holders, it takes 3 to 4 months to apply for travel permits (來台入出境許可證). Please register and complete the payment as early as possible and follow the instructions here to apply for a Travel Permit.
  • Participants of other nationalities who are not visa-exempt will need to apply for a visa. For a faster visa application (please check for your eligibility) to attend this international conference, getting an electronic visa (eVisa) on-line is recommended instead of a regular visitor visa. To provide you with the required number (Ecode) for the eVisa application, please email ( a copy of your passport or a sharable link by 15 April 2024 (the same date as the registration deadline) with the subject: "eVISA application for YOUR NAME". We will provide you with the needed information about one month after the registration deadline, after which you can apply for an eVisa no later than 7 working days before coming to Taiwan.
  • Please note that your passport's expiration date should be at least six months after your return trip.
International Airports
  • Most international flights land in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (Airport Code: TPE) which is situated 40km west of Taipei.
  • Taipei Songshan Airport (Airport code: TSA) provides flights from Japan-Haneda(HND), Korea-Gimpo(GMP), and several cities in China. It is close to the Taipei city center.
  • You will likely need cash while in Taipei, in particular for taxis, cheaper restaurants, topping up your EasyCard (see below). So be prepared!
  • Taiwan used the New Taiwan Dollar, also known as NTD, NT$, or TWD.
  • The best place to exchange currency is at the airport after you land. Most kiosks are operated by the Bank of Taiwan, you can view the exchange rates here. You can also exchange currency at the Bank of Taiwan at most branches in Taipei City. Their rates are very good for mode currencies, much better than at US Airports such as SFO where the rates are 42/22 buying/selling USD.
  • Many ATMs in Taipei will NOT work with foreign cards, and for those that do, the instructions can be confusing even if they are in English. There is an ATM on the ground floor of the conference hotel which works well, and most convenience stores (7-11, Family Mart, etc.) will have an ATM as well (look for a sign saying "ATM" in the window). Keep mind that your bank might not give the best exchange rate and tack on a foreign transaction fee as well. You should check with your bank before you depart for Taipei.
  • Credit cards work in many larger stores and higher end restaurants and bars. But, you should beware of high foreign transaction fees! check with your credit card company about foreign transaction fees.
SIM Cards
  • If you would like to get a SIM card so you have data service while in Taipei (usually a good idea!), the airport is the best place to get one. There are several desks in the arrivals hall after you clear customs that sell SIM cards at reasonable prices. The recommended companies are Chunghwa or Far East One.
  • The cost depends on how many days you will want the service. 10 days of 4G data is around 500 TWD (about 16 USD), and for those who wish to stay longer, 14 days is about 700 TWD (about 22 USD).
Taxis in Taipei
  • While many taxis will accept credit cards, many taxis in Taipei do not. Make sure you have enough cash to pay for your ride! Taxis from TPE or TSA will typically take credit cards, but there is no guarantee, so you should check beforehand if you need to pay with a credit card. If you need to pay cash, it is recommended that you have at least 2500 TWD from TPE or 1000 TWD from TSA, especially if you arrive during the day and will likely hit traffic.
  • If you take a taxi from the airport, please do not accept any offers from people inside the terminal. Proceed to the taxi stand outside the arrivals hall, there will be a dispatcher and likely a queue of yellow cabs.
  • Do not tip the taxi driver, unless it is to keep a small bit of change. Tips are not expected and you will confuse the driver if you try to hand them extra bills.
  • Taxi drivers typically do not speak English very well, if at all. It is best to be prepared for this if you plan to take a taxi at any point. See the bullet points below.
  • If you need to take a taxi somewhere from the hotel, you can just ask for help at the front desk. The staff are helpful, they will either call a taxi for you or get you one if there are any already parked in front of the hotel. If you tell them where you are going, they can tell the taxi driver where to take you.
  • Before coming to Taipei, click this link on your mobile device, take a screenshot and save it somewhere convenient. When you get into a taxi, you can pull it up and show it to the taxi driver, it will give them the name and address of the hotel and ask them to take you there. You can also get a business card from the hotel which has similar instructions for taxi drivers, but that won't help you get a taxi from the airport.
  • Similarly, if you think you might need to take a taxi to the conference venue, you can click this link on your mobile phone and save a screenshot somewhere convenient. You can show it to the taxi driver and it will tell them where to take you.
  • If the above options are not helpful, find your destination on a Google Map on your phone. You can show it to the driver and they will most likely be able to figure it out.
Travel to Hotel from TPE
  • A taxi to the conference hotel will take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the traffic. The cost is about TWD 1400 (about US$45). Please see the notes above taxis in Taipei. Note that unless you arrive very late at night, the Taoyuan Airport Line (see below) is much faster than a taxi, if a bit less convenient.
  • You can take the Taoyuan Airport line from both terminals to Taipei Main Station, the end of the line. The cost is TWD 150 (about US$4.50). Take the express train, even if you need to wait for a commuter train to leave. The express train will pass it and will get to Taipei main station well before the commuter train. (If you opt to take the metro from the airport, please see the note below about the EasyCard.) To get to the hotel from Taipei Main station you can:
    • Walk underground to Beimen Station (follow the signs) and take the Green Line to Taipower Building Station (take the train towards Xindian), use Exit 2 from the station and walk the rest of the way to the hotel (about 800m). The train to Taipower Building Station will cost TWD 25.
    • Follow the signs at Taipei main station to the taxi stand and take a taxi the rest of the way. It should take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic, and the cost will be about TWD 250 (US$8). Please see the note above about taxis in Taipei.
Travel to Hotel from TSA
  • A taxi is the best way to the conference hotel. It will take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the traffic. The cost will be about TWD 300 (about US$9). Please see the note above about taxis in Taipei.
Travel To Airports From Hotel
  • If you wish to take the MRT to TPE, follow the steps listed in the section "Travel To Hotel From TPE" above in reverse.
  • If you wish to take a taxi to either airport, the best option is to have the hotel front desk book a taxi for you. It is best to do this the day before you depart.
Getting Around Taipei
  • If you plan to take the Taoyuan Airport Line to or from the airport, or would like to explore Taipei during your visit, you may want to consider purchasing an EasyCard. This card will work on the MRT (Taipei Metro), the Taipei bus system, short train rides, or on most other transit systems throughout Taiwan if you are feeling particularly adventurous.
  • EasyCards can be purchased at any MRT station (including those at the airports). You can usually purchase the card at a fare machine but at certain stations (including the ones at TPE) you will need to make the purchase at the information booth. The cards cost TWD 100 (about US$3). You can also purchase an EasyCard at most convenience stores (7-11, Family Mart, etc.).
  • Sometimes the cards come preloaded with TWD 400 in value, sometimes they do not. It depends on where you purchase it. You can add value at the fare vending machines at any MRT station or at most convenience stores.
  • To use the EasyCard for the MRT, just tap it on the sensor at the fare gate as you enter and exit the station. If you do not have an EasyCard, you can purchase a token from a fare vending machine at the station. The cost will depend on where you are going, so check the fare map before making the purchase. Tap the token on the fare gate sensor as you enter the station, and deposit the token in the slot on the fare gate as you exit.
  • To ride a bus, you can board at both the front and rear doors. There will be an EasyCard sensor by both doors. Make sure you tap the card both as you board and alight from the bus. Unless you go for a very long distance, the fare will be TWD 15 (US$0.50).
  • Google Transit is mostly pretty good for getting around by bus and MRT. Most bus stops have real time bus arrival times displayed.
  • Note that the transit system does not run as late as you may be used to. It is unlikely you will be able to catch a bus after 11:30 PM, and depending on where you are and where you are going, the last MRT train will depart stations between midnight and 12:30 AM.
Other Useful Information
  • Download the offline Google map for Taipei before leaving for Taipei. It will be very helpful, especially if you do not wish to purchase a SIM card.
  • Install the Google Translate app on your phone, and download the Traditional Chinese language package. This app can read a photo of Chinese text and translate it for you, just take a photo with your phone. Keep in mind that translations of menus can still be a bit confusing since many dishes have somewhat creative names!
  • Install the Bus Tracker Taipei app [Android|iOS] on your phone if you plan to ride the bus. It will tell you the closest stop to your location, and tell you how long before a particular bus arrives at any stop along the line.
  • Taiwan uses US-style 110V electrical outlets.
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